Blog Hop and Blog Hop Challenge Winner May 2017

Hi there !
Thank you very much for having enjoyed the Blog Hop with us and thanks to the Challenge Participants !

As Kathy already mentioned, we will take a break as long as Faith is in treatment and recovering from it. You ask yourself, how long will the break be ? We have no answer at the moment, but we hope we can be back soon. As soon as we are back at start, you will find it here. Please continue to keep Faith in your thoughts and prayers and Thanks for your loyalty and support !

And now the winners:

The Blog Hop Challenge Winner of 3 (!) Images of Choice is:

 These are the winners of one “Image of Choice” randomly chosen on the following blogs:

  1. On Angela´s blog it´s – Marianne
  2. On Brenda´s blog it´s –  Kim Salito
  3. On Cammy´s blog it´s – Brenda G
  4. On Doni´s blog it´s – Kelly Santi (MiamiKel)
  5. On Imke´s blog it´s – Janet Sisk
  6. On Jo´s blog it´s – Diane Louise J
  7. On Kathy Curry´s blog it´s – designbydonna
  8. On Kathy Stacy´s blog it´s – Sarah Warren
  9. On Kelly´s blog it´s – Denise Goeldner
  10. On Lyn´s blog it´s – Petra (pst)
  11. On Michelle´s blog it´sKelly Santi (MiamiKel)
  12. On Ruth´s blog it´s – Brenda G

Again we have two double winners – but that´s how it can go when you comment on several Blogs !

Please contact Imke  ( with the subject: May Blog Hop and your Image request within 7 days.

Congratulations to all the Winners!



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