FREE Stamp of the Month February 2017 – Hogs & Kisses PigWit

The Digital Stamp of the Month Challenge

Thanks for joining us!
After taking 6 months off, we are SO EXCITED to be back
with the FREE Stamp of the Month Challenge!

If you joined the challenge in June, you will receive Hogs and Kisses PigWit via email. This challenge closes on the last day of the month, and a new image will be posted and emailed by the 3rd of next month. Contact me if you entered and did not receive the image.

If you missed out, you can still play along with the challenge by purchasing the image.

Then you can enter the challenge and receive next month’s digi free. OR if you spend $10 in the From The Heart Stamps store this month, you can enter code KISSY-KISSY to receive Hogs and Kisses PigWit as a FREE gift.

*Only one offer per person, please. Make sure your purchase doesn’t include this image or you will receive 2. Thank you!

FtHS_Hogs and Kisses PigWit Preview

FtHS_Hogs and Kisses PigWit_Color-ref

Challenge Details

Read the challenge rules by clicking here . This is a progressive challenge, meaning you need to play along to receive the next image for free, so be sure to read the rules so that you don’t miss out on any freebies. 🙂 Want some FREE digi stamps? Play along this month and you will get a new freebie next month via email. If you missed getting this stamp for free, you can purchase it in my the store and play along to receive the next freebies. IMPORTANT! Please respect my work and follow my Terms of Use. This image is not to be shared with others, even if you received it for free. Please simply direct your friends here, to this challenge. Thank you.

EVERYONE that plays wins!!

  1. Make a project using THIS IMAGE (additional images are okay) and enter it by using Linky Tool below. Please link to the specific blog post or gallery photo (link the permalink).
  2. Remember: Your blog post, Pinterest Pin, or gallery description must link back to From The Heart Stamps or this blog. (see rules)
  3. DEADLINE is Tuesday, February 28th, at 11:59pm MST.

Have FUN!


  1. Megan 11 hours ago

    Welcome Back Faith, glad to know that you have improved enough to continue with this blog and all your drawing, we certainly missed you, I have just found some of you BirdBrains I have coloured and not yet used, I look forward to hearing you have the all clear and seeing some more of your amazing art… have a great week… Megan

  2. Cynthia 2 days ago

    Thanks so much for the sweet new PigWit set, Faith! Enjoyed creating with him.

  3. *Vicki* 4 days ago

    Since I was unable to comment earlier when you first posted you were back, I just wanted to say that I’m glad you’re doing better and happy to see you back doing this again. As you can see, you were very much missed! 🙂 I <3 this PigWit set!!

  4. Carol Dee 5 days ago

    Faith, Oh dear, I have tried 2 times to submit my entry using the link provided. I never had a problem with the old system. I get to the 2nd page and there is no button to submit/enter.
    Carol Dee 🙁

    • Profile photo of Imke
      Imke 4 days ago

      Thanks for your note, Carol Dee. I will try to guide you through the second page:
      1. Enter the Direct Link to your Card
      2. Enter your Name
      3. Enter your E mail adress
      4. Click Auto Crop my Image : Click on “”Get Image from Web or from file” depends on from where your want to get your image. Normally i get mine from Web. Then another window opens and you get a selection of picutres. Click on the picture with which you want to participate in the challenge. That’s it. There is no enter button or something else.

      I hope this helps and makes sense !

    • Carol Dee 4 days ago

      Thanks I got it posted this time. 🙂

  5. Fiki 2 weeks ago

    oh I miss this image 😀
    but I have this cute bunny!
    thank you for the challenge!

  6. Imke 2 weeks ago

    Thanks, Faith ! What a sweet little guy……

  7. From The Heart Stamps
    From The Heart Stamps 3 weeks ago

    Just sent it out a little bit ago, so let me know if you didn’t receive.

  8. Kim Rawlins Salito
    Kim Rawlins Salito 3 weeks ago

    I guess I didn’t read the email correctly and sent an email about not receiving mine. I will give it a few more days. So excited the challenges are back.

  9. Milka Gubo
    Milka Gubo 3 weeks ago

    Welcome back Faith 😀 He is super cute!!! <3

  10. Cynthia Olheiser
    Cynthia Olheiser 3 weeks ago

    So excited to see this post! Glad you are able to create again Faith.

  11. From The Heart Stamps
    From The Heart Stamps 3 weeks ago

    Hi ladies, thank you for your excitement for the SOTM! As the blog post says, you will be emailed the image set by the 3rd of the month. 🙂

    • Susan Bennett
      Susan Bennett 3 weeks ago

      Tee hee we are all excited and have been waiting for this announcement that the blog is up and running in that it is a sign that Faith is recovering

    • Gail Hutchinson
      Gail Hutchinson 3 weeks ago

      sorry for my impatience Faith – I did not see this post

    • From The Heart Stamps
      From The Heart Stamps 3 weeks ago

      No problem!!

  12. Kathy Benedict
    Kathy Benedict 3 weeks ago

    While I am so excited to start crafting with you again, I am more excited and thankful for your return to health, Faith! Welcome back!!

  13. Susan Bennett
    Susan Bennett 3 weeks ago

    i know i entered but didnt receive mine either. hopefully it will come today if not how do we get it please

    • From The Heart Stamps
      From The Heart Stamps 3 weeks ago

      I emailed it out a little bit ago. 🙂 Please email me if you participated in JUNE (Ice Cream Line-Up Image) and didn’t get it. I mistakenly said “July” on the challenge post.

    • Susan Bennett
      Susan Bennett 3 weeks ago

      Thanks received and so glad your well enough to be drawing again

  14. Gail Hutchinson
    Gail Hutchinson 3 weeks ago

    I didn’t get mine yet either and I am sure I entered the last progressive

    • From The Heart Stamps
      From The Heart Stamps 3 weeks ago

      Just sent it out a little bit ago, so let me know if you didn’t receive.

  15. Giulia Casadio
    Giulia Casadio 3 weeks ago

    Love it! Can’t wait to receive the email

  16. Dee Stevens
    Dee Stevens 3 weeks ago


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