Snowman No. 3 – Something Different

The fun thing about a personal project is that you can try something different. Even though I am making these images into stamps, calling it my “personal project” has given me the permission to experiment.

I have always been drawn to sketchy rubber stamps, so I thought I would try a scribbled look and different colors. It was fun. I’d love to hear your feedback.

There are so many things that I’d like to change with this image, but I am focusing on finishing, and not perfection. (Something I had to repeatedly say to myself.) Perfection is such a productivity killer. This project has really opened my eyes to that. If you tend to let perfectionism get in the way of creating, you may enjoy this article. **Update: I did end up going back and fixing the wing and tail of the cardinal. It just wasn’t quick right and bugged me every time I looked at it.

This afternoon I thought, “what if I get sick of drawing snowmen?” That terrified me. I tried to not think about that anymore. This is only number 3.



Stamp Preview by FromTheHeartStamps

I’m sending off some artwork to have made into clear photopolymer stamps. Kind of thinking of having this be included as one of the first sets.

This is now available HERE.


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