Personal Project: Design 100 Snowmen

I’m taking on a personal project of Designing 100 Somethings….a project suggested by an illustrator I admire,  Jake Parker. The purpose is to get into good habits of drawing daily and pushing through creative blocks.

I have chosen snowmen as my design constraint.

I will create a separate Project 100 category under the Snowmen category in the store because these will each be available for just $1 until my project is complete. There’s not really supposed to be a set time for completion, but I have set a goal to complete it by Christmas. Some images may contain more than one snowmen, so there may not be 100 total individual illustrations, but there will be 100 snowmen. 🙂

This blog will be updated with my progress. Making this challenge “public” scares me a bit, but that’s okay. My main objective is to finish; I am not seeking perfection. Sharing it with you is for accountability. Yay!! I will also work this project around other designs.

Project 100 Snowmen No. 1

FTHS_Candy Man Snowman_color-ref


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