I’m Moving!

The past few weeks have been a blur! Packing and purging and moving. This past weekend we moved back to the Denver area. Yay!! But my children and I are in Nebraska to finish up the school year. They will be out of school for summer break already this week…..so it will be back to Colorado in a couple of days. I’m tying up loose ends in a mostly empty house.

I planned to email out blog hop prizes, etc. today, but my drive with images is at our new house, and I have been painting, cleaning, selling remaining furniture etc. The great news is that we are nearly unpacked in our new home. So once I get there, I am hoping to get caught up with FTHS emails and prizes this weekend.

My mom flies home tomorrow. 🙁 She has been helping with EVERYTHING for two weeks. There is no way I could have done it with out her!! My husband started his new job in March, so he has been there during the week and home most weekends. I’m so grateful for all of the help I have had from family and friends. I know several of you who have known about this move have kept us in your prayers, and I am so grateful for that, too! It has been a smooth transition. All praise and glory to God, as His hand has clearly been on every part of this move – in all things big and little. I would be honored if you would keep us in your prayers as we become part of a new community.

Thank you for your patience! I promise I will respond to emails soon!

And I can’t wait to start creating again!!


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Thank you for your patience. :)


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